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Corporate Planning

St. George Financial Partners offers a full range of corporate planning services. We provide your employees with the direct access to information they need. See below for our full range of products and services for your business.

Health & Dental Insurance
Corporate health & dental insurance is one of the significant perks offered by companies. For your employees, it is truly good to know that their families are in safe hands. St. George Financial Partners will provide the best available health & dental insurance solutions for your business to choose from.

401(k) and Qualified Retirement Programs
401(k) plans and Qualified Retirement Programs can be a powerful tool in promoting financial security in retirement. They can be a valuable option for businesses considering a retirement plan, providing benefits to employers.

Deferred Compensation Programs
St. George Financial Partners offers early retirement incentive programs or ERIP, an employer sponsored plan which provides special benefits or incentives to an employee who makes the decision to retire sooner than they had otherwise planned.

Group Life and Disability Income Insurance
Our available carrier markets tend to be larger than most of our competitors, due simply to the sheer volume of business we do. Also, we leverage our relationships with carriers to make sure we have access to the most competitive insurance quotes for our clients.

State Mandated Disability (DBL) Programs
State Disability Insurance (SDI) is a partial wage-replacement insurance plan for workers and can be important for your business. SDI programs are State-mandated, where applicable, and funded through employee payroll deductions.

Buy/Sell Agreements 
Business owners generally want to ensure a continuity of ownership and management without having the departing owner’s successor thrust upon them. An integral part of any buy-sell agreement is to specify what type of situations will cause a mandatory or optional buyout of an owner’s interest by the other owners or the entity itself.

Key Man Coverage 
Key Man coverage works similar to individual life insurance in that when the insured dies the policy pays out a benefit. Instead of an individual insuring himself or a family member, however, the business owns the policy and pays the premium. If the insured dies, the business is the beneficiary and will receive the policy payout.

Business Succession Planning 
St. George Financial Partners offers unique business succession planning solutions will manage any issues, setting up a smooth transition between you and the future owners of your business.

Generational Planning
If you frequently work with the owners of family businesses, if you are a proponent of life planning or if you are looking to bring a new generation of clients into your business, generational planning is a productive and growing niche. In fact, you could find that generational planning is the key to your firm’s growth.